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Turn precious moments

into beautiful heirlooms 

detail of baby toes newborn session
Mom during her labor and delivery at HealthPark Medical Center in Fort Myers Florida before giving birth to her baby captured by southwest Florida birth photogrpher, Ella Rae Photography

You are about to embark on the greatest journey you have every known.

..and as a specialized Fort Myers birth photographer, I am here to artistically capture those details from the moment your baby is born.

Birth is empowering, intimate, and raw and your birth photos should reflect that. 

The process

Chapter one


Find somewhere cozy and take your time exploring my website to decide which package best fits your families needs!

Chapter two

Let's grab a coffee!

It’s so important to me that you feel safe and comfortable with me so that supporting you through your labor and delivery feels like a natural extension of our relationship.

chapter Three


Yay, we’re locking it in! I will send you a link to your booking portal and after that has been taken care of you are locked in on my calendar!

chapter Four

the big day!

Once you hit 37 weeks I will be on call for you – day or night! 

I will join you at the hospital once you are in active labor (5-6cm) and stay until 1-2 hours after delivery!

 chapter Five


Imagine this!

You get an email from me saying your gallery is finished and after your babies are fast asleep, you and your partner get cozy on the couch with your favorite snack and stream your gallery slideshow on the TV to relive your entire experience all over again!

Fearfully and wonderfully made.

Birth Packages start at $1,400

Newborn Sessions start at $500

Have Questions?

I am on call for your labor 24/7 beginning 2 weeks before your due date. There is no specific time limit as birth is pretty unpredictable. Once I am informed that you are in the beginning stages of labor, I will prepare to be with you during your baby’s birth. I typically like to arrive when you are in active labor 5-6 cm dilated and having consistent close contractions. 

I come to your chosen place of birth during active labor and will stay for the entire birth and up to 1-2 hours afterwards. Births are extremely unpredictable and this means I could be at your birth anywhere from 2 to 24 hours or more!!!

As a birth photographer, my style is photo journalistic. The moment I arrive, I am like a fly on the wall and I capture your baby’s birth in a way that tells a story unique to your family. I always tell everyone to feel free to request as many posed photographs as you would like. However, I try to be unobtrusive and document the birth as best as I can without getting in the way. 

We may have low light situations and images may be more raw, with film grain and motion blur. 

I know high quality images are important to you, which is why I do use flash photographing birth. However, if at any point it bother you, I will turn it off and do my best without it.

My preference for births is a combination of both. If you have a preference please let me know!

I will get your permission before sharing any shots of you and your family. This is something that we will talk in-depth about. Some moms prefer not to share any images and some are okay with their images being showcased so that other moms may be inspired to hire a birth photographer and document their birth as well.

I like to meet with all of clients at least once before their birth, and oftentimes before they even decide to book with me. It is very important to me to build a relationship with my clients and understand their birth plan. I want to ensure you are completely comfortable with me and my shooting style, and that I understand your desires for your birth.

If I am able to join you in the operating room, I will do so! If not, I will send my camera with the person that is joining you, and resume shooting once you are out of the OR!

You should book me as soon as you know you would like to hire me for your baby’s birth. I cannot be at two births at once so I book a very select number of births! Please reserve me for your birth early in your pregnancy.

Yes! Always talk to your healthcare provider. If you are delivering in a hospital, some may have restrictions on the number of people allowed in the room, some do not allow photographs, and some healthcare providers have preferences on whether or not they will be photographed. 

Once you have talked to your healthcare provider, we will discuss in-depth what they will allow.